Science & Technology Entrepreneur’s park established in the year 1999 Created the first ever platform to foster entrepreneurship As technology progressed a need to inculcate more skills arose This required
Collaborations with industries, Research & development, A paradigm shift towards startups, Innovations, Incubation, Transforming from job seekers to generators
This needed a new system where all the above come under one single banner & hence
Malnad Enclave for Research, Innovation, Incubation, Startups & Entrepreneurship


To engender industry ready graduates possessing magnificent skills in the arena of innovation and technological development of products/ services.

Boot Camp

in association with New Age Incubation Network

To inspire students to know their actual goal of interest and following their interests in life, Coming up with new ideas of incubation and generating them to be a successful entrepreneur, Encourage young minds in nurturing and creating a new path for their interests.


Discussion on generating new ideas, creating awareness among students on the importance and benefits of Startups and Incubation


Create a platform that would give brands innovative solutions by young techpreneurs who would in turn be fostered & well-guided

Proof of Concept

Teams need to prove the feasibility of their concept or idea, If the idea has a business inclination, then the teams ought to build a full-fledged business model,If the idea is research or service oriented, a prototype has to be built as a proof of its feasibility,The purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or theories have the potential for real world application


Hassan, Karnataka